How Do You Sew a Weave?


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To sew a weave, pin hair away from where you want the weave. Braid cornrows in continuous patterns or sections. Sew the ends of the braid with needle and thread. Working from the back of head, sew hair extensions into each cornrow, keeping the top as flat as possible.

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How Do You Sew a Weave?
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With needle and thread, go over the same place several times to secure the hair extension properly. Repeat this when you reach the end of the cornrow. Once the end is secured to the cornrow, cut the track of the hair extension. Cutting the track at the end of the cornrow ensure perfect measurements. Continue this pattern with each row until the entire head is complete. Once done the hair can be cut and styled however desired.

Hair extensions can be washed. Take care to wash from the top to the bottom. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that contain moisturizing qualities; leave-in conditioner is also recommended for maintenance. Try to avoid hairstyling products with an alcohol base. While sleeping, braid the hair or put it in a ponytail to prevent any type of tangling. Make sure to protect the hair when swimming, as chlorinated and salt water can have damaging effects on hair extensions.

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