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To sew valances, wash and dry the fabric, and measure width of the window. Cut the fabric to the desired width, fold the fabric in 1 inch on each short sides to create a hem, and sew each hem. Make a hem along the top of the fabric that is slightly larger than the curtain rod, and sew the hem. Hang the curtain, mark the desired length of the valance, take the valance down, and sew the bottom hem.

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When making a valance, cut the fabric so it is larger than the window to allow enough material to create hems and to create a gathered appearance in the finished valance. To create a 1/2 inch hem, fold the fabric in by 1/2 inch, and fold the fabric over a second time to hide the raw edges of the fabric. After sewing the hem, repeat the process on the opposite side.

To accommodate a 1 1/2-inch curtain rod, allow 2 3/8 inches for the top hem of the valance. Use a blind hem stitch or a straight stitch when sewing the valance.

Alternately, make a lined valance by cutting two pieces of fabric to the desired size, and sew the short-side hems as usual. Layer the fabrics with the right-side of each piece facing inward. Sew the fabrics together using the hemming process used when making a one-layer valance. Turn the fabric right-side out before hanging.

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