How Do You Sew a Tie?


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To sew a tie, make a pattern based on an old tie, cut it out from the new material, and sew the pieces together. Place the interlining along the length of the tie, fold the sides over, press, and stitch into place.

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  1. Make a pattern

    Use a seam ripper to take apart an old tie. Press it flat. Place the pieces on craft paper, and trace around them. Cut the pattern pieces out.

  2. Transfer the pattern

    Lay the tie fabric flat on a cutting mat, face down. Place the pattern pieces on the fabric, paying attention to the bias of the fabric. Secure the pieces with silk pins.

  3. Cut out the pieces

    Use a rotary cutter to cut out the tie pieces. Measure 1 inch up from the intersection of point and straight part of the tie for both ends. Cut out another piece of fabric for each tip.

  4. Sew the pieces together

    Join the pieces together with a 1/4-inch seam, and stitch. Fold the tie end in half. Measure up 1/4-inch from the tip, and stitch across. Repeat at the other end.

  5. Sew the lining

    Place the lining piece face to face with its corresponding point, matching the tips. Secure with a pin. Measure a 1/4-inch seam allowance, and sew along this line. Do not stitch over the sewn tip.

  6. Invert the points

    Turn the tie ends right side out. Press into place, ensuring the lining is set slightly back from the point.

  7. Place the interlining

    Either use the lining from the old tie, or use it as a pattern to cut an interlining from lining fabric. Place the interlining along the center of the tie, tucking the tips into the fabric lining.

  8. Fold the tie

    Press the side of the tie in 1/8 inch. Fold each side of the tie over the interlining, and pin into place. The fabric should touch in the center. Press with an iron.

  9. Stitch the tie together

    Sew a tacking bar at the base of the folded edges. Use a slip stitch to sew along the entire length of the tie. Finish with another tacking bar.

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