How Do You Sew Swags?

How Do You Sew Swags?

To sew swags, first determine the width of the window. Correctly measure the fabric, and then pin and stitch securely to create the swag's structure.

Find the length by measuring from the curtain rod to where the swag will end. Add 10 inches to the length measurement, and then double that result. Add that result to the width measurement to gain the entire length of fabric to be cut. Cut the fabric to that length and at least 24 inches wide.

Place the fabric on a flat work surface with the print facing down. Fold 1/4 inch of the narrow edge of the fabric across the non-printed side. Fold it again to cover the fabric edge and pin. Apply a straight stitch across the fold, beginning and ending with a 1-inch backstitch. Remove any stray threads. Repeat the 1/4-inch fold with the longer edge of the fabric, and stitch and trim similarly.

Place the swag over the ends of the curtain rods. Straighten the swag until it hangs equally on both sides of the window and drapes appropriately in the center of the window.

The way the fabric is cut can impact the way a swag rests on a curtain rod. The fabric can be either cut on the bias or across the grain. Cutting on the bias is preferred, as it provides a softness to the swag's folds. Determine the bias by folding the fabric in half and pinning. Fold the part of the fabric to be cut into the swag, and press it with an iron. Line up the pinned line and the ironed crease; this is the bias. Cut around those lines, and allow extra fabric for hems.