How Do You Sew a Shawl?

To sew a shawl, cut a large triangle out of fabric. Fold the raw edges under by 1/2 inch, and sew into place. Fold the edges under again to cover the original seam and raw edge, and sew again to complete the shawl.

  1. Measure your body

    Stand with your hands stretched out sideways from your body, and have a friend measure the length from wrist to wrist. Add 1 inch to get your shawl length. Measure from the back of your neck down your back to the point you want your shawl to reach. Add 1 inch to get your shawl width.

  2. Make a pattern

    On a large piece of paper, draw a straight line that is half the width of your shawl measurement. From the left point, draw a perpendicular line that is the length of your shawl measurement; this is your fold line. Connect the two open points with a straight line. Cut out your pattern.

  3. Cut the fabric

    Buy tightly woven fabric that is 60 inches or 72 inches wide. For a warmer shawl, choose wool or felted wool. For a lighter shawl, any soft and flowing fabric will do. Fold your fabric in half, and place your pattern so that the fold line is on the fold. Cut out the shawl.

  4. Hem the edges

    Fold the edges of your shawl over by 1/2 inch, and iron down to create a distinct fold. Sew the edge in place. Fold the edges over another 1/2 inch to hide the raw edge, and iron into place. Sew the hem, getting as close to the loose edge as possible.