How Do You Sew a Potato Bag?


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To sew potato bags, cut a piece of cotton batting and two pieces of cotton fabric to 11 by 22 inches, and layer the cotton batting between the cotton fabric. Tack or quilt the fabrics together, stitch the 22-inch edges of the fabric together, and sew a 1-inch hem on the short edges. Fold the fabric into a square with the short ends in the center, align the hems, and sew a hem along the outside edges of the fabric.

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Layer the cotton fabrics with the right-sides out, and do not leave openings greater than 5 inches when quilting or tacking the fabric. When stitching the 22-inch edges, use a zig-zag stitch or a surger.

After sewing the 1-inch hem at the top and bottom of the rectangle, fold the short ends of the material to the center of the rectangle to form a square with a slit in the center, and overlap the short edges by 1 inch.

After folding the short ends to the center, pin the fabric in place, sew the fabric together 1/2-inch away from the surged edges and flip the bag inside out after sewing the hems. Use 100 percent cotton batting, cotton fabric and cotton thread to improve the safety of the potato sack, and do not leave the microwave unattended while using the sack.

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