How Do You Sew a Pincushion?

To sew a tomato pincushion, create a pouch by cutting a rectangular piece of fabric, folding it in half and sewing the edges while leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Stuff the pouch with cotton upon turning it right-side out, and close with several stitches. Add the cap by printing a tomato cap template, tracing the design on green felt, cutting the felt, and sewing and knotting a loop onto the cap.

When cutting a rectangle-shaped piece of fabric, make sure the length measurement is twice the width. After folding with the fabric turned right-side up and connecting the ends, begin a running stitch near the top end, pull the thread firmly, and sew several backstitches.

Sew a running stitch close to the open end after filling the pouch with cotton, and tighten the fabric by pulling the thread. Sew a few stitches, knot, and flatten by double-threading the large embroidery needle with the perle cotton. To imitate a tomato's lining, wrap the thread around the pouch and proceed through the core several times, knotting the thread atop the cushion.

Use disappearing-ink fabric pen when tracing a tomato cap template on green felt. Thread a single-length perle cotton into a needle for sewing and knotting a loop onto the cap. Secure the cap to the uppermost part of the cushion with glue.