How Do You Sew a Pillow Cover?


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To sew a pillow cover, hem the ends of a 12 by 28-inch piece of fabric. Fold the narrow sides up so that they overlap by 3 1/2 inches with the outside of the fabric up. Sew the seams together at the top and bottom of the pillow cover.

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  1. Cut the fabric

    Choose preshrunk fabric, or wash and dry the fabric before cutting. Cut out a 12 by 28-inch piece for a 12-inch pillow.

  2. Mark the fabric

    Lay the fabric flat, wrong side up. Mark in 8 inches from each short side along the long side.

  3. Hem the raw edges

    Fold one short side over 1/4 inch, and iron. Fold it over another 1/4 inch to completely hide the raw edge, and iron again. Hem the folds in place. Repeat on the other short side.

  4. Fold at the marks

    Lay the fabric flat, right side up. Fold at the marks so that the two short ends overlap. The right sides are now together, and the fabric forms an envelope shape.

  5. Sew the seams

    Sew the top and bottom of the fabric 1/2 inch from the edge to form a seam. Turn the pillow cover right side out through the envelope opening. Insert a 12-inch pillow form to create a pillow.

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