How Do You Sew the Neckline of a T-Shirt?

How Do You Sew the Neckline of a T-Shirt?

To sew the neckline of a T-shirt, mark the desired circumference, cut with rotary scissors, turn the edges under, test the stitches and sew with one repeat. Sewing the neckline of a T-shirt takes roughly one hour and requires a sewing machine, thread, scissors, a rotary blade, pins, a fabric pencil and a tape measure.

  1. Mark the neckline

    Use a tape measure to determine the circumference of the desired neckline. Only cut the back neckline and shoulders enough to remove the existing edge. Mark the desired circumference with a fabric pencil.

  2. Cut the neckline

    Fold the shirt so that the shoulder seams match and the fabric is flat. Place the shirt on a protective surface. Use a rotary cutter to cut the fabric along the marked line.

  3. Prepare the shirt

    Spray the neckline of the shirt two or three times with spray starch to stabilize the fabric. Measure 0.5 inch around the neckline. Turn the edges under, pinning at the center front, at the shoulder seams, at the center back and near the shoulder seams. While folding the areas between the pins, allow the fabric to stretch slightly and add more pins. Press flat.

  4. Test the stitches

    Use a scrap of fabric to test the stitches and thread color. Try different widths and lengths until the desired look is achieved.

  5. Stitch the neckline

    Place the back neckline near the shoulder seam under the pressure foot of the sewing machine. Use the foot as a guide, following the edge of the fabric as you sew.

  6. Overlap the stitching

    After stitching the neckline all the way around, overlap the stitching another time. Snip the thread, and even out any uneven edges on the inside of the neckline.