How Do You Sew Leather on a Standard Sewing Machine?

How Do You Sew Leather on a Standard Sewing Machine?

To sew leather with a standard sewing machine, use either a thick or polyester thread, and attach a Teflon presser foot and a leather sewing machine needle to the machine. Use paper or binder clips in place of pins.

  1. Prepare the sewing machine

    To make the pressure foot glide across the leather in a smooth manner, attach a Teflon presser foot to the machine, or line the bottom of the original presser foot with a piece of tape. Load the machine with a thick thread. If the thread is too thick, use a strong, polyester thread instead. Attach a brand new needle that is designed for sewing leather.

  2. Prepare the leather

    Place a weighted object on top of the piece of leather. Use a metallic ink or grease pen to trace the cutting line. Use a rotary cutter to cut the leather along the line. If you need to pin two or more pieces of leather together, use binder clips, transparent double-sided tape or large paper clips to prevent the appearance of visible holes.

  3. Sew the leather

    Sew one of the following types of stitches slowly: lapped seams, faux flat fell seams or top stitch. Glue plain seams shut with a leather adhesive, and use a small roller to seal them.