How do I sew Girl Scout patches to a sash?


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To sew Girl Scout patches to a sash, first observe the Girl Scouts' guidelines for insignia placement. Do the actual sewing by hand with needle and thread, or use a sewing machine.

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The Girl Scout sash is worn draped over the right shoulder, so make sure it is facing the right way before sewing. At the very top goes the American flag patch. Under this is the Girl Scout Council identification set, followed by the troop crest, troop numerals, and membership stars and discs. Under these go the Bridge to Girl Scout Junior Award patch, Junior Aide Award patch, Brownie Wings, Promise and Faith pins, and Journey Award patches. Under all of these go the individually earned badges.

To hand-sew the Girl Scout patches to the sash, start with a needle and medium-weight thread. Match the color of the thread to the outside stitching of the patch. Lay out the patches ahead of time for spacing, marking with chalk if necessary. Start from under the sash, and affix each patch using a basic straight stitch. Aim for the area where the patch's fabric meets the border.

Alternatively, use a sewing machine for the patches. The needle must be heavy enough for denim because the patches are thick. Use a stitch setting that is large enough to pass through the badge without issue but small enough that it is not too noticeable. Use thread that corresponds with the color of the stitching on the patch. Work slowly to manage the small curves of the round patches.

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