How Do You Sew Elastic on Fabric?

Sew elastic on fabric using a narrow zigzag stitch or the stretch stitch. Ensure that you use the correct amount of elastic. The dimensions of the fabric should equal that of the stretched elastic tape after stitching.

To sew elastic on fabric, attach the elastic tape to the wrong side of the fabric using pins. Stretch the elastic tape as you sew. This ensures that the tape and the fabric are of the same length. Pull the fabric behind the presser foot of the sewing machine with your left hand. Hold the fabric that is close to the presser foot with your right hand. Hold the fabric down firmly in place as you start to stitch the elastic to the fabric. While sewing, keep the needle from touching the pins avoid bending or breaking it.

Use a ball point needle when stitching elastic on woven fabric. Switch to a sharp needle if the thread starts to knot and bunch. Stretch the elastic a few times before measuring it, and then cut it for use. This keeps elastic that remains unused for long periods from becoming too loose once it is stitched in place. When sewing elastic on fabric, the quality of the end result depends on the sewing machine that is used for the stitching.