How Do You Sew a Button on Pants?


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To sew a button on pants, thread a needle, and push the needle from the back side of the fabric and through the buttonhole. Pass the needle through the opposite hole, and repeat several more times before securing the thread.

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  1. Thread the needle

    Insert 2 feet of thread through the eye of the needle. Make a loop with the ends of the thread, and pull the ends through the loop. Pull the knot tight as close to the end as possible. Knot a second time.

  2. Find the button's location

    Position the button in the center behind its hole. Insert the needle from the back of the fabric, and pull the needle and thread through to the front. Thread the button onto the needle, and let it slide down the thread.

  3. Sew the button

    With your thumb and index finger, hold the button in position against the fabric. For a two-hole button, insert the needle through the other hole, and push it through to the other side of the fabric. Loop the needle through the fabric and both holes four more times. For a four-hole button, insert the needle through the diagonal or adjacent hole, and then repeat for the other two holes. Loop the needle and thread through each set of holes four times.

  4. Finish the button

    From the back side of the fabric, push the needle through to the front, but not through a buttonhole. Wrap the thread around the shank several times, and then push the needle through the shank twice. Trim the ends of the thread.

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