How Do You Sew a Box Stitch?


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Create a box stitch by sewing a box with an "x" in the center of cut fabric, and tying the thread tails by hand to secure. In addition to fabric and any strapping to be used, you also need a fabric pen, a clear ruler, pins, scissors and thread to complete this project.

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  1. Determine the size of the box

    A box stitch should be smaller than 3 inches to ensure its strength. Also decide on the distance from the box to the edge of the strap or panel to be sewn, about 1/8 to 1/4 inch.

  2. Mark the box and pin

    Using a ruler and a fabric pen to mark the box onto the strap. Pin the strap into place.

  3. Sew the box

    Start at a bottom corner of the box, and lower the needle onto the corner. Make sure your thread tails are at least 4 inches long, and begin sewing. When you reach the next corner, stop with the needle in the down position. Lift the presser foot, and rotate the fabric 90 degrees. Lower the presser foot, and continue sewing in a straight line. Complete the box in this manner. Stop with the needle in the down position.

  4. Sew the "x"

    When you've reached the starting corner, lift the presser foot, and rotate the fabric 45 degrees. Sew a line to the opposite corner. Remove the fabric from the machine, and cut the tails, leaving them 4 to 5 inches long. Reset the fabric on the machine, and sew another diagonal line across the box.

  5. Tie the tails

    Pull the front tails through to the back. Tie the tails, and trim the excess.

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