How Do You Sew an Amish Folded-Star Pattern?


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To sew an Amish folded-star pattern, also called a Somerset patchwork pattern, first choose four fabrics of varying color and design. Pick fabrics in the same color family with small prints to end with a classic folded star, or choose contrasting colors and bold designs for a more contemporary star. Also select fabrics for the backing and binding, and muslin for the base.

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Cut four 3.5-inch squares from the first fabric. This becomes the inner part of the star. Cut eight 5-inch squares for the second round of the star. Cut eight 7-inch squares for the next round, and eight 6-inch squares for the last. Cut one 9-inch square out of the backing material.

For each of the squares, lay the square on your work surface and fold it in half diagonally so that the wrong sides are together, with the folded edge facing your body. Take the left and right points, and fold them up to the top point, to make a triangle. Finger-press the seams if your fabric is pliable enough or use an iron set to the appropriate setting for the fabric.

Assemble the triangles of your first fabric into a square in the middle of the base fabric and stitch them in place. Then, offset the points of the triangles of your second fabric from the center of your star, and, pinning in place as you go, line the points directly over the creases made with fabric one. Continue with the third and fourth fabrics in the same manner, until the pattern is complete. Stitch all the triangles into place, either by hand or with a machine, and remove the pins as you go. To finish, attach the base with the star to the muslin backing, and border with the binding.

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