How Do You Set up a Movie Star Planet Account?

How Do You Set up a Movie Star Planet Account?

To set up a MovieStarPlanet account as of 2015, visit and click Play Now. Customize your character, enter your information and click on I Accept - Create My Account to complete the process.

After you click Play Now, the site takes you to the Create Your Movie Star page. Click either the boy or girl to begin customizing your character. Alternatively, click Random Boy or Random Girl for a random character generated by the site. Customizable options include the character's facial features, top, bottom and footwear. Click an option to customize it.

Click the face icon to choose the character's nose, mouth, eye shape, eye color and eyebrow color. Click the hair icon to select the character's hairstyle and colors. The top and bottom icons allow you to select the character's clothing and the colors of those clothing choices. Footwear lets you choose his footwear and its color.

After customizing your character, click OK - Done and the Enter Your Info pop-up appears. Create a user name and password, and then enter your birth month and year. After you accept the terms, the site creates your account.

You are able to change your password and delete your account at anytime. However, you can't change your user name or birth date information after creating an account.