How Do You Set up a Model Train Display?

How Do You Set up a Model Train Display?

Building a train display requires mending several different mediums together, such as electrical, bench work and track work. The models of the cities and environment all have to be customized to fit properly on the space provided. All in all, building a professional looking train display takes a lot of space, time and money.

Before building any track, understanding how these work is a must. These trains will be riding through hills and curves, so the tracks have to be properly measured in order to ensure the train actually stays on the track. Become familiar with wiring. All the lights, gates and electrical devices have to be wired somewhere. Also have an eye for detail, because if the scenery does not look good, the rest of the track will not as well. Use these following instruction to build a basic train track.

  1. Build an electrical plan
  2. These trains require electrical power. So build a control panel and properly layout and wire the system to the frame of the track.

  3. Build the bench work and trackwork
  4. Build a solid platform to host all of the tracks and scenery.

  5. Build the environment
  6. Begin constructing buildings and scenery, such as animals and mountains.

  7. Mount the trains
  8. Choose the trains that will be used with the track.