How Do You Set up a Horseshoe Game?


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The basic steps to setting up a horseshoe game are measuring the required distance on level ground and placing two stakes. According to the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, two iron rods measuring 36 inches by 1 inch are required.

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Start by measuring 40 feet. Next, drive in the two metal rods at an angle of about 12 degrees from vertical until 14 inches remain above the ground. Each stake should be leaning toward the opposite stake. The next step is to loosen up the top 2 to 4 inches of soil using a shovel. A steel plate that is welded across the part of the stake driven into the ground helps to anchor the stake.

Place foul lines at 27 feet and 37 feet from each stake. The 27-foot foul line is for children through are 18, women and older men to use. The 37-foot foul line is for all other adult men to use.

If the stakes start to loosen, and loose soil has been knocked away by pitched shoes, bury a wood log below the loose soil. Drill a hole at the correct angle to drive the stake and keep it anchored. Use moist sand or moist blue clay, which tend to hold pitched shoes where they land.

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