How Do You Set up a Game of Croquet?

How Do You Set up a Game of Croquet?

To set up a croquet court, make adequate space for the nine wickets and two stakes. The regulation court size is 100 feet by 50 feet, but using a smaller field works for casual games. Set out the wickets and stakes, marking the boundaries with string or flags.

  1. Set out the wickets

    Set one wicket in the exact center of the court (the midpoints of the end and sidelines). Set six more wickets out to complete a "double diamond" pattern, with one diamond on either side of the center wicket; put 16 feet between the center wicket and the position of the side wickets in each diamond, setting the side wickets 6 feet from the sideline. Move 16 more feet to put in the first wicket in front of the stake, setting the second wicket 6 feet closer to the end line. After 6 more feet, insert the stake, leaving 6 feet between the stake and the end line. Repeat for the other side of the court.

  2. Establish the boundaries

    Mark the boundary lines for the court. Use string or chalk if you want formal boundaries all the way around the court, or use a flag or stake at each of the four corners.

  3. Distribute the balls and mallet

    Give each player a mallet and a ball.