How Do You Set up a Euchre Tournament?

Set up the game area, gather all necessary materials, pick a date and invite players over to ensure your euchre tournament is successful. Be sure to establish for all players which euchre game variants are being used, and draft a bracket to mark each team's progression.

  1. Decide on the tournament rules

    Many euchre variants exist, and different players are used to different variations of the original game. Common variations include stick the dealer, which forces the dealer to pick a trump suit after all other players have declined to call trump, and farmer's hand, which allows a player with a poor hand to exchange three cards with the three unexposed cards in the kitty, or the cards underneath the revealed top card. Decide which variant your tournament is to use early on so you can provide the information to the players you invite.

  2. Invite friends and euchre enthusiasts

    Print flyers to use for advertising the date and location of your game night in local businesses, and contact your friends to set a date when the most people are available. Keep track of how many confirm to get an idea for the number of seats, tables and other materials needed.

  3. Set up the playing area

    Set up four chairs at each smaller table to leave enough seats for each member of the game, or set up a number of large foldable tables for enough space to fit everyone involved. Be sure to have one deck of cards for every four players coming to the tournament. Bring a whiteboard, chalkboard or poster board along with writing utensils to draw a bracket large enough for everyone to see. Food and drinks are optional, though providing some sort of snack helps to keep players happy.

  4. Form teams

    Decide on how teams are to be chosen once everyone arrives. Have players pick a partner to play through the tournament with, put names in a hat to assign teams randomly, or employ a rotating player format where each player keeps his own personal scorecard to be added up at the end.

  5. Draft a bracket

    Once teams have been established, draw out your bracket. Select teams randomly to play against one another in the starting round, and write down the order. The two winners from the first four teams should play each other, and so on, until only one team remains. Use the white board to keep track of player scores if using a rotating player format.