How Do You Set up a Chess Board?


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Set up a chess board by positioning the board correctly; placing the rooks, knights and bishops; putting the queen and king on the board; and setting out the pawns. This takes only a few minutes and requires a chess board and the pieces.

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  1. Position the board

    Position the board so that the sides where the pieces are being placed have white squares at the bottom right corners.

  2. Place the rooks, knights and bishops on the board

    On one side, place the white rooks, which look like little castles, on either corner. Next to the rooks, place the knights, which are represented by horse heads. Next to the knights, place the bishops. Repeat this process with the black piece on the other side of the board.

  3. Put the queen and king in place

    Put the white queen on the white square beside one of the white bishops. Put the black queen on the black square beside the equivalent black bishop. Place the kings, which are the tallest pieces, in the remaining squares on the first rows.

  4. Add the rooks

    In the next row up, place one white pawn in each square of the row. Repeat this process for the black pawns. You now have four blank rows between the rows of pawns on each side and are ready to start the game.

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