How Do You Set up Bartender on World of Warcraft?


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Once the Bartender4 add-on for "World of Warcraft" is downloaded, open the add-ons' settings menu by clicking on the Bartender4 icon in-game, then customize the settings to the desired configuration. When ready, save the configuration, then move each bar to the desired location on the user interface screen.

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  1. Open the add-ons' settings

    To open the add-ons' settings, click on the Bartender4 icon on the mini-map or type "/bt" into the game's general chat before hitting Enter.

  2. Configure the add-ons' settings

    To toggle the view/hide option for each individual bar, click on the bar name on the left-hand side of the settings menu, and tick or untick the "Enabled" selection that is found under the bar's "General Settings" tab. The bar's style and size are edited under this section as well by adjusting the size percentage, giving the bar a different padding size or by changing the number of rows and buttons that the bar has.

  3. Rearrange the spells on individual action bars

    To remove a spell from an action bar, press and hold Shift before clicking on a spell and dragging it to any part of the screen. To add a spell to an action bar, press P to bring up the spell book dialog before clicking on an individual spell and dragging it over to the desired slot of the desired action bar.

  4. Move individual action bars

    To move individual action bars, open Bartender4's settings, and click/drag each individual action bar to the desired location on the user interface screen.

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