How Do You Set the Price When Selling Old Postcards?


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Search eBay's completed auction listings to find recent market values for postcards. This offers a practical glimpse at what people are willing to pay. Other sources include websites about postcards, printed collectors' guides, and postcard dealers or other antique dealers.

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The value of a postcard depends on its rarity and subject matter. While certain individual postcards may be worth a lot of money, many are worth pennies, and it is more efficient to sell these in bulk.

EBay is an accurate source for postcard pricing information, as it shows you how much people have actually paid for a particular postcard or set of cards. EBay only holds completed auction data for 90 days, so the prices are a reflection of recent market trends.

There are other specialist websites that sell old postcards. The prices on these websites might not necessarily be a reflection of what collectors are generally willing to pay, as the seller may set a higher price hoping to attract uninformed buyers.

You can take your old postcards to a specialist dealer who can give you a valuation on either individual cards or a bulk collection.

Several regularly updated collectors' price guides are also available in print, such as "The Postcard Price Guide" published by J.L. Mashburn.

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