How Do You Set or Break a Record in the Guinness Book of World Records?


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To set or break a world record, submit an application to the Guinness World Records website. Wait for the Guinness Records Management Team to review the application and verify the record attempt as successful or send an adjudicator to witness the event.

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The standard application for consideration as a record holder is available to everyone online. The application involves submitting a proposal that provides as much information as possible about the record-breaking attempt, including the record-breaker's specific plan of action and the location and reason for the attempt. Applicants are encouraged to send videos and other proof to the Records Management Team.

The Records Management Team may deny an application for new records for several reasons, including subjective standards of measurement. If the application is successful, the Guinness World Records Team sends the applicant guidelines and a checklist of evidence to prove the attempt. Applicants must follow all of the guidelines and provide sufficient evidence in order to receive an Official Guinness World Record-Holder Certificate.

Currently, there are more than 40,000 records. The Guinness World Records website contains a database of 16,000 current records and ideas for applicants to pursue. A limited number of new records is created each week.

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