What Services Can a Doll Appraiser Offer?


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A doll appraiser can value a doll to properly insure it. Doll appraisers can help those dividing their estates or selling their collections by providing accurate values of both individual dolls and whole collections. Doll appraisers can also assess the worth of dolls that have been restored.

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Doll appraisals can be done in-person or remotely. For a remote appraisal, an owner is asked to send specific photographs of the doll. Its full body must be shown, both with and without clothing. This includes photographs featuring the doll's face and any identification marks indicating the doll's maker. The owner should note any damage to the doll, its dimensions, and whether or not the doll is equipped with its original clothing and accessories.

After the photographs and other information are emailed to the appraiser, he evaluates the doll according to Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. These standards ensure quality control no matter the type of appraisal performed and are required for any appraisal completed in the United States or Canada. The appraiser writes his findings in a detailed report that includes the value of the doll.

After the doll owner has paid for the appraisal, it is emailed to her in a format acceptable for most major insurance companies. At that time, the owner is free to ask the appraiser questions at no cost.

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