How Does Describe Absol?

How Does Describe Absol? describes Absol as the disaster Pokemon. The Pokemon earned this name for its ability to sense impending disasters with its horn. Due to this unique ability, the Pokemon became highly sought after and fled into the mountains. Absol Pokemon are said to live for 100 years and only appear before people to warn them of danger.

Absol is considered a great Pokemon for lower-tier, non-trainer battles, according to This is due to its sizable base attack and physical movements. However, the Pokemon is terrible when put up against fighting-type Pokemon due to its slow speed. Steel Pokemon also work great against Absol, as do standard wall Pokemon, such as Weezing. A wall Pokemon is not an official designation, but experts consider it a type of Pokemon that can set up a good defense and slowly eat away at a rival Pokemon's hit points. also points out that Absol has found its way into a few Pokemon anime shows. The most notable is when Drew used Absol during the Kanto Grand Festival. Absol also appeared in a Pokemon episode to warn people of a disaster that was about to hit the Wish Festival.