Who Sells Oscar Award Trophy Replicas?

sells-oscar-award-trophy-replicas Credit: RALF HIRSCHBERGER/DPA/Getty Images

HollywoodMegaStore.com, TrophyPartner.com and Amazon.com sell Oscar trophy replicas. As of August 2015, the replica trophies range in price from $8 to as much as $140.

HollywoodMegaStore.com offers a variety of trophies from cheap to very expensive. The trophies come in different sizes and materials, and customers can add customized text to some of them.

TrophyPartner.com offers 7- and 10-inch tall plastic replica trophies with space for four lines of customized text on the bases.

Amazon.com offers Oscar replica trophies from many different sellers. One commonly Oscar replica is an 8-inch plastic trophy with customizable text available for an extra fee.