How Do You Sell WoW Gold?

How Do You Sell WoW Gold?

WoW gold can be sold to online buyers. Transactions usually involve filling out a short form and meeting the buyer in-game. Once the transfer is complete, funds are sent to the seller.

  1. Fill out a form

    Buying websites will have the seller fill out a brief form to get started. Since many of the websites sell more than one type of gold, it is important to include the game information. User names and server information should also be included.

  2. Contact a customer service representative

    In order to proceed, the seller needs to contact a customer service representative. This can be done through live chat or through an instant messenger outside of WoW. The representative will tell the seller where to meet them in order to complete the trade. Payment methods should also be confirmed at this time.

  3. Meet the buyer in-game

    In order to sell their gold, the buyer needs to receive it in-game through a trade. Discuss a meeting place, and complete the trade as normal.

  4. Get paid

    Most companies that buy gold pay the seller right away. Paypal is one of the most popular payment methods. Other methods that companies use to pay include Western Union, Skrill, Moneygram, and Payza.