How Do You Sell Commemorative Stamps?


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Commemorative stamps are issued on a significant date to honor a person, object, place or event. The American Stamp Dealers Association offers advice on how to sell commemorative stamps, but the important aspects are to research the actual value of the stamps and to sell only to reputable dealers or via guaranteed channels such as an established auction house or online specialist forum./

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  1. Find out the value of the stamps

    Use the Scott Catalogue to estimate the value of the stamps you want to sell. Use a magnifying glass to examine the stamps and read the fine print. Use a perforation gauge to help you in stamp identification.

  2. Sell directly to stamp collectors

    Negotiate the price with collectors. Offer the stamps to other collectors you know, or find collectors through stamp clubs.

  3. Sell to commercial stamp dealers

    Use reliable online resources to find contact details of commercial stamp dealers. Be prepared to sell the stamps for less than their real value.

  4. Sell your commemorative stamps on consignment

    Contact a commemorative stamp dealer or auction house. Pay the required fee to sell your stamp collection.

  5. Sell online

    List your commemorative stamp collection on online auction sites. Make sure you learn how online auctions work, and price your stamps reasonably.

  6. Sell at a flea market

    Rent a display case at an antique store or flea market if you are selling a large collection of stamps.

  7. Display your stamp collection at a stamp show

    Show your commemorative stamp collection to several prospective dealers or buyers at once. Make sure that buying and selling of stamps is allowed at the stamp show. Pay the required fee to get space at the show. Sell the entire collection to the best offer.

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