How Do You Sell Baseball Cards?

How Do You Sell Baseball Cards?

To sell baseball cards, organize them, research the cards, determine their value, and list the valuable ones online. If you wish to sell a collection, try selling them at a sports card show or a sports memorabilia dealer.

  1. Organize the cards

    Sort the baseball cards by different categories, including the manufacturer, year, player and team. Set aside the cards that are likely to have the most value. Pick out the rookie cards for well-known players, and separate the cards for record-holding players.

  2. Research the cards

    Check the current and past sales on eBay and card trading websites. Read the online listings for matching baseball cards to get an idea of the kind of information card sellers include.

  3. Grade the cards

    Inspect the cards to determine their condition. Look at the corners, edges, quality of the finish and alignment of the printing. To determine the grade, compare the condition with a grading system chart. If you have some cards that might be valuable, take them to a grading service to have them certified.

  4. Determine the value

    Take into account past sales and the condition of the cards to determine the selling price for your cards.

  5. Create an online listing

    Write an online listing, and include the grade and details about the condition of the card. Before submitting the listing, upload at least two photos of each card from different angles.