How Do You Get the Seed Maker From Daryl in "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life"?


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Daryl must be befriended before he will give the player the Seed Maker. Once the player has become good friends with Daryl, entering his house at night may trigger an event where he gives the player the Seed Maker for free.

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Before setting out to befriend Daryl for the Seed Maker, it is important to consider that he will have a very strong influence on a child's development. Dr. Hardy also cannot be befriended, or it will destroy the player's reputation with Daryl. The Seed Maker can be purchased later in the game if the player does not wish to commit to befriending Daryl.

Daryl's laboratory can be found just behind the Blue Bar. He can be given gifts when he is not holding his arms behind his back. He likes bones, coins, eggs, fish and Earth Soup, but will react negatively to flowers and milk. By entering his lab during the day while he is home, the player may also participate in an event where Daryl experiments with electricity.

If Daryl is befriended in an early chapter, the event in which he gives the player the Seed Maker may not trigger until a later chapter. Continue returning to his house at night in each chapter until Daryl decides to give up his prize invention.

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