How Do You Do a Seated Shoulder Press?


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A seated shoulder press is performed using either a weight machine or dumbbells. In either case, the form is similar. When using a machine, the lifter's back is against the backrest, and the seat is adjusted so that the handles are about shoulder height. Throughout the exercise, there should be a natural curve in the back, and shoulders should be pulled down.

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The machine's handles are gripped with palms facing each other. Feet should be flat on the floor, and abdominal muscles are tight. While exhaling, straighten the elbows and push the handles up. Do not let the elbows push out to the sides. When elbows are straight but not locked, pause for a moment, and then pull the handles back to the starting position. Repeat as needed.

When using dumbbells, a bench with a back is also necessary. The position of the lifter's back, feet and shoulders are the same as when using a machine. The dumbbells first rest on the legs. Then, they are brought up to the starting position at shoulder height with palms facing each other. Throughout the exercise, the elbows should not pull in or flare. While exhaling, the dumbbells are pressed up until elbows are straight. After a short pause, lower the dumbbells to shoulder height. Repeat the exercise as desired.

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