Where Are the Seafoam Islands Located in Pokemon FireRed?


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The Seafoam Islands are located on Route 20 on Pokemon Emerald, and can be reached by heading west along the route. Once the player reaches the islands, he or she will need to enter a cave entrance and push away several boulders to reach the main prize of the islands, which is the first Legendary Pokemon in the game Articuno.

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To be able to push the boulders, the player must have a Pokemon that knows Strength. Pushing the boulders will take the player to the water, and the current will take the player to the four levels of the Seafoam Islands.

It's best to have well-healed Pokemon, preferably Rock, Electric or Fire types, to use when battling Articuno, as well as plenty of Pokeballs. Apart from Articuno, other items such as an Ultra Ball can also be obtained from the islands.

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