How Do You Do Screen Printing at Home?

How Do You Do Screen Printing at Home?

To screen print at home, buy a printing screen, screen filler, an art squeegee and fabric paint. Use the filler and screen to create a stencil. Place the screen on the fabric, and use a squeegee to pull ink across and through the holes.

  1. Create your screen

    Buy a screen-printing screen and screen filler from a craft store or art store. Use a paintbrush to paint the filler directly onto your screen. Leave blank the areas that you want to print to create a stencil. Allow the screen to dry completely.

  2. Prepare your workspace

    Cover a table with newspaper to protect the surface. Place a piece of cardboard between the newspaper and the fabric that you want to print. For a T-shirt, slide the cardboard between the layers of fabric. Lay the fabric flat with the side that you are printing facing up.

  3. Print the design

    Lay your screen on top of the fabric with the frame edges facing up. Move the screen so the image is in the right location. Apply a line of fabric glue parallel to the left side of the image. Position an art squeegee to the left of the ink, and pull it to the right side, dragging the ink with it. Repeat in the other direction, exerting a medium amount of pressure to push the ink through the holes in the screen. Carefully lift your screen off the fabric, and allow the ink to dry.