What Are Some Scrabble Words That Start With "u"?


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Words starting with the letter U that are acceptable in the game of Scrabble include "ug," "ugh," "ulan," "ulnas," "umbels," "unaware" and "umbrella." There are four tiles with the letter U in the English-language version of Scrabble, each of which is worth one point.

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The letter U can be useful in Scrabble because it combines with the letter N to form the prefix "un," which can be used to extend words already on the board. Scrabble-acceptable words starting with "un" include "undo," "undug," "unfit," "unfurl," "unholy," "unlash," "unmoved," "unowned," "unpiled," "unpitied," "unplaced," "unplayed" and "unplowed." Also useful is the letter U's ability to combine with the letter P to form the prefix "up" which is seen in such Scrabble words as "updo," "upend," "upset," "upside," "uptake," "uptick," "uptight," "upturns," "upwinds," "upbraids," "upending" and "upheaval."

Short words beginning with U that are useful in Scrabble include "um," "ur," "uey," "ugs," "ump," "udal," ughs," "ulex" and "umpy." If a player needs to eliminate more than one U at a time, useful words containing two Us include "ulu," "unau," "urus," "uncut," "undue," "uvula," "unique," "umlaut," "unbusy," "uncurl," "ululate," "uncured," "unruled," "upchuck," "ubiquity," "ulcerous" and "unguided." Common words beginning with U that players are likely to be able to play without use of a Scrabble dictionary include "use," "upon," "unit" and "utter."

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