What Are Some Free Scrabble Word Finders?

What Are Some Free Scrabble Word Finders?

Free Scrabble word finders include WordFind.com, ScrabbleWordFinder.org, WordPlays.com and WinEveryGame.com. The features on these and other websites vary slightly, but they all allow users to pull up a list of word combinations by inputting a series of letters.

Some websites, such as ScrabbleWordFinder.org, offer the ability to choose between multiple dictionaries, such as the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary for American English or the British Dictionary. The advanced search feature on the WordPlays.com Scrabble word finder includes dictionaries in French, Italian, Dutch and German in addition to several English dictionaries. WordFind.com includes separate search engines for several foreign languages.

WordPlays.com allows users to input up to 14 letters, while the other websites allow up to 12 letters. A wild card character, usually the question mark, represents blank Scrabble tiles. Different websites limit the number of wild cards to two or three.

Some websites also provide lists of words for easy reference. Common lists include words with the letter "Q" that aren't followed by a "U," acceptable two-letter words, and two-letter words containing the letter "Z," "X," "J" or "Q."

These word finders work for several other word games in addition to Scrabble, such as Words with Friends, Wordscraper, Text Twist and Literati.