How Does Scoring Work in Farkle?

In Farkle, a dice rolling game, scoring is determined by the value of the numbers rolled in a turn. Five hundred points must be scored on an individual turn in order to start counting. After reaching 500 points on a turn, a player may choose to end his turn to prevent losing those points.

On a turn, the player rolls the six dice in the cup. With each following roll, the player can take out dice that are worth any points.

The value of the numbers are as follows: fives are worth 50 points, and ones are worth 100 points. Rolling three ones earns 300 points; three twos is worth 200; three threes is worth 300; three fours is worth 400 points; three fives is worth 500 points; three sixes is worth 600 points. Additional point values earned are: four of a kind earns 1,000 points; five of a kind earns 2,000 points; six of a kind earns 3,000 points. A straight of one through six is worth 1,500 points, as is three pairs, and four of a kind with a pair. Two sets of three of a kind is worth 2,500 points.

Play stops when a player first reaches 10,000 points. Each player then has the opportunity to play one more round to get the highest score. After all of the remaining player have played the additional turn, the player with the highest score wins.