How Do You Score Points in Rubber Bridge?

Players are awarded points for making their contract or bid in rubber bridge, which is also known as contract bridge. The first team to score 100 points wins a game. A rubber is the best of three games.

The game of bridge is played in teams of two at tables of four. Each team bids to decide their best suit which becomes trump once the bid is won. Clubs and diamonds are considered minor suits and are worth 20 points per trick. Hearts and spades are the major suits worth 30 points per trick. If there is no trump declared, the first trick is worth 40 points, and each additional is worth 30 points. Each team must take the number of tricks agreed upon plus six in order to make the bid or contract.

If the team does not make the number of tricks agreed upon, the opposing team receives points. The points vary depending upon if the bidding team is vulnerable with partial game points, or if the contract is doubled or redoubled.

Players can also receive additional points for having "honors," which are any four or five of the top five cards in the trump suit. These points do not count toward the contract, but act as bonus points toward the final score for the team.