What Scooby Doo Games Are for the IPad?


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Scooby Doo games for iPad include “Scooby-Doo, Who Are You?” by Hallmark and “Scooby Doo: Stickers with Sounds” by Night and Day Studios, Inc. Another game is “My Friend Scooby-Doo” by Warner Bros. All games are available in the iTunes application store.

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“Scooby-Doo, Who Are You?” is a free interactive game based on a storybook by the same name that narrates how Shaggy’s group came to meet Scooby-Doo. The narrator reads the story page by page while Scooby-Doo answers to the story’s key phrases. This children’s application includes Scooby Doo responding to audible reading and voice recording features that allow the user to read the story together with Scooby-Doo. It also includes a puzzle and corresponding game.

“Scooby Doo: Stickers with Sounds” is a game that combines stories, sound effects and interactive animation to liven it up. The game involves rescuing Scooby and Shaggy from the loft of a haunted house by playing all the stickers, finding keys and collecting Zoinks Points. The stickers provide a chance to create a scene and change the character's sizes.

“My Friend Scooby-Doo” involves helping Scooby solve mysteries. The interactive game contains clues, secrets, mini-games and missions that, when collected, expose and solve the mysteries. It also involves petting, playing and feeding snacks to Scooby.

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