What Are Some Science Puns?


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Some science puns include the joke that 2000 mocking birds is "two kilomockingbird," a play on the title of the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird." Another pun asks what substance is represented by "HIJKLMNO" with the answer "water, because it is H to O." Another states that to tell the difference between boys and girls, take their genes down.

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What Are Some Science Puns?
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A popular pun featured on T-shirts and stickers is "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate!" A pun is a type of joke that plays off more than one meaning of a word. French philosopher Henri Bergson defined puns as phrases in which a sentence appears to offer two different meanings. The humor lies in the fact that both sentences claim to be the same because they sound the same, he noted.

Puns typically require an extensive vocabulary to understand. William Shakespeare used them in his comedies as plot devices resulting in humorous misunderstandings, and comedian George Carlin often used them in his stand-up comedy act.

In another science pun, two molecules walking down the street run into each other. One molecule asks if the other is all right. The other says that he lost an electron. The first molecule asks if he's sure, and the second replies, "I'm positive!"

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