What Are Some Scary Games to Play Online?

Scary games available online include horror adventures such as "Inculcation" and "Satanorium," which are hosted online at Newgrounds as of 2015, and "The Last Door" and "Killer Escape," which are available from Armor Games. These games feature point-and-click interfaces that rely on ambience and unexpected events to frighten the player.

"Inculcation" offers a frightful experience as players attempt to escape potential death at the hands of a madman. The game relies heavily on horror tropes to drive the story, and players must act quickly in some scenes to avoid a gruesome end to their adventures. "Satanorium" takes place in an asylum and requires players to interact with different objects in their environments to find a way out.

"The Last Door" is a series of games beginning with "The Last Door Chapter 1: The Letter" that follows a single storyline that relies on players' imaginations and their expectations of jump scares to deliver fright and horror. The game widely spaces its actual scares to keep players on the edge of their seats throughout the duration. "Killer Escape" relies much more heavily on actual jump scares and fast and loud action at unexpected moments, and the game's advanced design sometimes changes the location of items between plays.

"Haunted House Massacre" uses real images from a creepy house, and players click on arrows to navigate their character. Each new room the player enters features creepy presences or signs of a murder. "Escape the Toy Factory" features the same navigation style as "Haunted House Massacre," but players must solve puzzles to get out of the dungeon. Players can create dolls by entering codes on a machine, or feed the boiler to keep the factory running.