What Are Some Scary Games to Play With Friends?

Scary games are often those that involve the paranormal, such as Bloody Mary and the Ouija board. Other scary games are magic-based, such as "light as a feather."

Bloody Mary is a game in which the ghost of a young woman is conjured. While the ritual is completed alone, the game is typical of slumber parties. To summon the ghost, stand in front of a mirror in a dark room, usually the bathroom. While staring in the mirror, chant "Bloody Mary" 13 times. The ghost is said to appear in the mirror. One variation has the chanter holding a candle.

Ouija is a scary board game. Two players sit in front of the board with their fingertips on a pointer. This is meant to summon a spirit. Players or bystanders ask questions. The pointer indicates the answer, either via the "yes" and "no" options on the board or by spelling it out courtesy of the letters on the board. This game is so scary that several religious and paranormal groups advise against playing it, according to About.com.

The "light as a feather" game involves five people, one of whom lies on the floor with eyes closed. The other four players place two fingers of each hand under the person and chant, "Light as a feather, stiff as a board." The person on the floor should appear to levitate.