What Are Some Saxophone Brands?


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Saxophone brand names include Selmer, Yamaha, Conn, Buescher and Belmonte. Saxophones are also made by Antigua Winds, El Dorado, Olds Parisian, Jupiter and Grassi. These companies manufacture saxophones in a wide range of styles and prices.

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Saxophone.org lists the Yamaha, Selmer Bundy, King, Chateau and Cleveland saxophones as top choices for aspiring saxophonists because they offer lines specifically targeted to students with good quality instruments at fair prices. Many inexpensive saxophones are available for purchase online, but Saxophone.org warns buyers to avoid brands manufactured in China with price tags that seem too good to be true. These horns are often of poor quality.

Brands manufactured in United States, France, Germany and Japan are thought to be more reliable, although exceptions exist. Professionals should consider the brands Kellwerth, Yanagisawa, TM Custom, Macsax and Viking saxophones. These brands will cost more, but they are better quality horns with premium sound quality.

Buyers may also want to consider vintage saxophone brands such as SML, King, Martin, Selmer or Conn. Vintage instruments sometimes require repairs or refurbishing, but their lower prices make them attractive investments. Some vintage brands retain their value quite well and sell for more than similar newer models. Popular places to search for vintage saxophones include music stores, local classified ads, pawn shops, eBay and Craigslist.

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