What Are Some Saints Row Xbox 360 Codes?


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Codes for the XBox 360 game "Saints Row" include "911", "#778", "#Anchor", "#2666" and "#MONEY". To enter a code, pause the game and press either the left or right trigger button until you reach the cellphone. Then, select the Dial option, enter the code, and press Send. If you entered the code correctly, the game confirms this with a message.

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You don't have to enter parentheses signs or brackets for any codes, as the game enters these automatically. However, you must enter the pound sign or asterisk for codes that require those. Any code that starts with the pound sign is a cheat code. Once you enter a cheat code, you must go to the Cheats menu to activate it. Activating any cheat codes disables achievements while using that cheat.

The "911" code summons an ambulance, which can restore the character's health. To get full health without summoning an ambulance, use the cheat code "#3855432584".

The "#778" cheat code repairs any car that the character currently occupies. The "#Anchor" cheat code spawns the Anchor vehicle, a news van, in the garage. The "#2666" cheat code gives the character unlimited ammunition. The "#MONEY" cheat code puts an extra $1,000 into the character's bank account.

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