What Are Some Safe Wood Projects for Kids?

What Are Some Safe Wood Projects for Kids?

Children can safely paint and glue wood pieces to make picture frames, boxes, game pieces and decorative objects. All wood given to a child should be sanded smooth. Home improvement and craft stores sell small pieces of wood that children can safely use for these projects.

Supervise a toddler or preschooler while she paints simple wooden cubes, and then add these cubes to her collection of building blocks. An older child can paint and decorate wooden cubes to make a set of colorful dice for her favorite board game.

Help a child glue long, narrow wooden strips together to make a basic picture frame. Tape a picture to the back of the frame, and drill a small hole through the top of the frame. Loop a piece of ribbon through the hole, and hang the frame. A child can also turn long, narrow strips of wood into a simple open box.

Look for wooden circles that a child can use as wheels. She can glue or string several wooden pieces together to make a car or train.

Additionally, a large, thin piece of wood can be transformed into a sign for a child's bedroom door or painted with a festive holiday theme to make a treasured piece of home decor.