What Are Some Safe and Fun Experiments to Do at Home?


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Some same and fun experiments to do at home include Blobs In a Bottle, The Exploding Lunch Bag and Make Your Own Rock Candy. These experiments require only a few common household items.

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Blobs In a Bottle requires water, vegetable oil, a clean 1 liter bottle, food coloring and fizzing tablets. This experiment creates a lava lamp-like effect as the food coloring mixes with the water, bubbles and floats due to the tablets.

The Exploding Lunch Bag requires baking soda, vinegar, a zip-lock bag, warm water and a tissue. The experiment creates an acid-base reaction that causes gas to build within the zip-lock bag until it pops.

The Make Your Own Rock Candy experiment requires sugar, water, a clothespin, a jar and a skewer. The experiment lasts three to seven days as sugar crystals form on the skewer.

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