What's the Best Way to Print Minecraft Items?


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The best way to print Minecraft items is using a program like Mineways, which allows Minecraft players to print out 3D copies of their creations in the game at home on their 3D printers. Mineways also has options for those who do not own 3D printers to have their files sent to a printing service to be printed for anywhere between $5 and $500. Minecraft Print also offers printing options, but only on a home 3D printer.

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There are other options for printing out Minecraft items as well, which include paper versions that are printed out as templates and put together manually. The Pixel Papercraft company offers a program that allows players to pull the skins they create in Minecraft and apply them to the generators that the website offers. Most of these require either gluing the paper pieces together or using toothpicks or even tape in some cases.

To use any of these programs for printing, the Minecraft world that is being printed from must be saved on the computer that the printer is connected to. If the file is mailed to a printing company, they will download the file to their computers and print it. The smaller scale that is made of an item, the lower the cost and the shipping will be.

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