What's "Pixie Hollow Games" About?

What's "Pixie Hollow Games" About?

"Pixie Hollow Games" is an animated special from the Disney Fairies franchise that tells the story of garden fairies Rosetta and Chloe as they compete in Pixie Hollow's Olympic-style sporting events. DisneyToon Studios produced the 30-minute special, which originally aired in 2011.

In "Pixie Hollow Games," Rosetta partners with Chloe, a new garden fairy who is determined to help the garden fairies break their losing streak in the competition. Their main competitors are Glimmer and Rumble, a pair of storm fairies who have won four years in a row.

Rosetta and Chloe compete in several games including leap frog, dragonfly water skiing and mouse polo. They move up the ranks to become strong competition for Glimmer and Rumble because the storm fairies consistently fail to work together as a team.

In the climactic derby cart race, Tinker Bell adds spikes to the garden fairies' wheels to help them take a shortcut over a mudslide on a mountain. Rumble uses Glimmer's lightning power to force the garden fairies to crash. Though the storm fairies finish first, the garden fairies win because Glimmer refused to work together with Rumble to cross the finish line.

The special ends with Rosetta and Chloe celebrating their victory with their friends. "Pixie Hollow Games" teaches viewers the value of teamwork and friendship.