What's a Good Way to Locate Antique NCR Cash Register Collectors?

What's a Good Way to Locate Antique NCR Cash Register Collectors?

Facebook has a page dedicated to NCR cash register collectors, making it an easy way to locate other collectors. There is also a website called Brass Cash Register that is a good way to connect with other NCR collectors.

Facebook's Antique Cash Register Collectors page has more than 300 members as of 2015, most of whom collect antique registers. To find the page, simply type in "antique cash register collectors" in the search box at the top of the page. Like the page and begin interacting with other cash register collectors.

Dick and Joan's Antiques runs a website called BrassCashRegister.net. The cash register collector's club began in 1997 and the company started a newsletter that comes out three times a year. Located in Illinois, Dick and Joan's Antiques buys, repairs and sells antique cash registers and connects collectors with others interested in the hobby. The company also runs a website dedicated to connecting collectors.

To connect with other collectors, visit the Cash Register Collectors Club. Select a membership option from "Full Club Member" and "Guest Access" by clicking the corresponding "Start Here" button. Then, click on the "Discussion Forum" link and use the forum to find other collectors.

Besides NCR registers, Dick and Joan's Antiques connects all kinds of register collectors and is a good place to find registers for sale or learn more about a specific register brand.