What's a Good Way to Gather 2000 Trivia Questions for a Party?


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One way to gather 2,000 trivia questions for a party is to obtain the questions from an online trivia site, such as TriviaDatabase.com or TriviaCafe.com, or from a book of trivia questions. Board games, such as Trivial Pursuit, also offer a variety of questions for use outside of the game.

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TriviaDatabase.com allows you to search through different topics and categories, such as sports and entertainment, and purchase premade sets of questions and answers. TriviaCafe.com provides questions and answers for free, but it does not feature any tools for quickly compiling or downloading the information. It does feature an online quiz interface, which allows for real-time generation of questions and answer checking. It is also possible to write your own trivia questions using the categories and formats on these sites as a guideline, though in this scenario, you need to verify the information through an outside source.

Another way to gather a large number of questions is to use a trivia book, many of which cover multiple topics within a single volume. It is also possible to purchase a book on a specific area, such as history from a certain period of time, and create a more detailed set of questions. Trivia board games also commonly compile questions and answers on cards, which means you can use the cards as they appear in the game without the need to transpose them.

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